Swedish field-hockey and indoor-hockey: a great (inter)national network for your company.

Sports is one of the best ways to stay both physically and mentally fit. Field hockey is the third biggest sport in the world and offers a unique opportunity to maintain health for everybody no matter age, gender or physical ability. Supporting the Swedish field-hockey association (SLHF) is therefore creating both a great international exposure for your company, brand or product while supporting the well-being and health of many persons.

In the past 5 years field hockey has substantially grown in Sweden. Thereby the Swedish field hockey community has attained a network of enthusiastic hockey players, coaches, leaders and relatives who are creating the future of field-hockey in Sweden. The ultimate and ambitious goal is to prepare for a future of Swedish field hockey as one of the Olympic sports Sweden is excelling in! By stepping into a partnership today, you will contribute to this great journey from the start and join the big international field-hockey network in many countries that can offer not only exposure of your company or product, but also provide excellent opportunities for networking events like European championships, world championships and even Olympic games.

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